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Richiami per anatre, richiami e altoparlanti per mp3 con richiami canti uccelli, anatre e colombacci.

Speaker with 15 watts magnet neo-Dimio and silk dome.

Small and compact. also it is great for songs like blackbird, fieldfare and lark when used with the "bell."

Without the diffuser (bell) is excellent for the songs of the thrushes and Redwings. The strength of this small and lightweight speaker and 'sound quality, in fact, thanks to the central core consisting of a magnet to the neo-Dimio and a silk dome can ariprodurre naturally the most' high frequencies.

Used with the bell it is effective even on songs which require more shades' lower: eg blackbirds ect.

Military green

Plug the cable jack Complete 3.5

Dimensions: cm 5,5x2

Weight: 65

  • Peso: 65 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 55x20
  • Colore: Verde
  • Spedizione Richiami per uccelli tramite corriere TNT.

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