€ 190,00
Richiami uccelli e strumenti per la caccia. Riproduttori canti uccelli e richiami per la caccia.
  • cambia/crea sd card personalizzata
  • card combat inclusa

Digital player to one hundred songs.

Great for thrush zip redwing blackbird cesena lark.

Speaker built-Dome Tweeter, Jack external speaker jack.

channel function + and -, mix in sequence, pause and off total security lock.

External 12V power outlet.

Possibility of adding a remote control with display.

Price € 189.00 including Card Kombat.

singing voices: see card kombat

  N.B. each sd card is password protected.

  • Peso: 100 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 59x78x30
  • Alimentazione: 9/12 V
  • Colore: Verde
  • Spedizione Richiami per uccelli tramite corriere TNT.

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