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digital player for thrush zip redwing blackbird larks cesena hundred songs complete with remote control with display.

Speaker Dome Tweeter incorporated indicated to cackle and zip, Jack external speaker jack, jack external 12 V.

Remote control with 18 buttons display.Dimensioni 95x40x18 mm
Range of up to 70mt.
function with total lock button.
Card 100 interchangeable songs.
Possibility personalized cards.
built-in timer, programmable remote control, easy and intuitive.
songs in sequence function.
total absence hiss and background noise.
Internal power supply 9 v (autonomy 6/7 hours) external 12v (battery life with Battery 12v 1.3Ah about 24 hours).
N.B. each sd card is password protected.

  • Peso: 100 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 59x78x30
  • Alimentazione: 9/12 V
  • Colore: Verde
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