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The PRO-F1 is a digital player for thrush zip redwing blackbird cesena lark full membrane keyboard (18 keys) of all: total lock feature, Mix (two songs in sequence), timer, pause, Dome-Tweeter built-in speaker, jack for external speaker, external power socket.

18 keys with display.
  • Range of up to 70mt.
  • function with total lock button.
  • Possibility personalized cards.
  • built-in timer, programmable remote control, easy and intuitive.
  • songs in sequence function.
  • total absence hiss and background noise.
  • Internal power supply 9 v (autonomy 6/7 hours) external 12v (battery life with Battery 12v 1.3Ah about 24 hours).
  • Dimensions: 59x78x30 mm
  • Weight gr. 100 (without battery)
  • N.B. each sd card is password protected.

  • Peso: 100 gr
  • Dimensioni: 59x78x30
  • Alimentazione: 9/12 V
  • Colore: Sottobosco
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