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The product Quail HD High Definition is suitable as a reminder quail. Sound unsurpassed, manual controls and powerful qualities are some of the features

High definition, possible up to 100 songs (EXCELLENT FOR TORDI Marsala)

Quail manual controls, powerful unsurpassed sound quality.

digital player up to 100 songs of enormous power.

Trumpet with built-in sound card, power and clean sound at the highest levels. This model is particularly suitable for covering greater distances thanks to its range of action provided by the actual 30w.

Developed quail is excellent reminder quail. Maximum reliability and safety.

Double socket Jack "Smart", connecting external speakers. This double socket offers you the possibility to configure the reproduction of sound like no other device. inserting the external speaker jack will be excluded in the first internal trumpet Display Power; by connecting the speaker jack on the second work is the external speaker that trumpet Display Power, and finally if you connect two external speakers on both jacks will both excluding the trumpet player.

The device is used as a booster quail and other birds such as thrushes and woodcock. To be used in lugo opened attended by quail as woods, Cenneti and marshes.

The recall quail suitable for every need and particularly used by hunters around the world, thanks to its very interesting features and an affordable price.

We recommend this tool as a reminder quail in particular, do not underestimate the use to call other birds seen the possibility of inclusion of 100 bird songs and mp3 sounds.

Operation External 12V socket.

Power cable supplied.

Dimensions: mm80x75x65

Weight gr. 465

N.B. each sd card is password protected.

  • Peso: 465 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 80x75x65
  • Alimentazione: 12 V
  • Colore: Verde
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