€ 65,00
Richiami per anatre, richiami e altoparlanti per mp3 con richiami canti uccelli, anatre e colombacci.

super directional cone screw on the core. Audible from a great distance.

The best for geese and quail during the step to great heights.

Unsurpassed for night step of migration, and in particular for the quails.

core base with convenient slot to easily fit to your liking.

Military green

Complete of cable with mono jack plug 3.5

Dimensions: cone diameter 13 cm length 23 cm

Dimensions: 8x3 cm core

Weight: complete trumpet cone gr. 485

  • Peso: 485 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 80x30
  • Colore: Verde
  • Spedizione Richiami per uccelli tramite corriere TNT.

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