Tromba Dynamic Speaker

€ 29,00 55,00 (€ 23,77 + i.v.a. 22% € 5,23 )
Richiami per anatre, richiami e altoparlanti per mp3 con richiami canti uccelli, anatre e colombacci.

High performance horn, up to 50 watts.

Directional cone cone on the core.

Military green color

Complete with cable with 3.5 mono jack plug

Dimensions: cone diameter 7.5x9 cm

Dimensions: 8x3 cm core

Excellent sound output, about twice that of a normal speaker.

Reliable and resistant, usable for small migratory, quail and aquatic.

Complete with 3.5 jack cable

Weight: gr. 375

  • Colore: Verde
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