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Player to 100 songs of great power, excellent for all kinds of water and quail, thanks to its excellent audio format in HD for the migration.

To work requires a card as standard or customized to your choice of up to 100 songs, and a battery or power supply (not included).

Volume and independent audio l 'from each' other.

Internal speaker neo-Dimio 50watts

stereo effect (2 songs on 2 separate speakers)

mix function (two songs mixed on the same speaker)

camouflage finish anti-glare undergrowth.

maximum 35W real power.

Volume and song selection separated.

Natural length songs in high-definition 16-bit 32Khz.

Double socket stereo speaker jack.

External 12V power socket ..

frequency response from 20-20,000 Hz

Reverse polarity Fuse



  N.B. each sd card is password protected.

  • Peso: 465 gr
  • Dimensioni: mm 80x75x65
  • Alimentazione: 12 V
  • Colore: Mimetico
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